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Geotic - Union

Geotic - Union

Mar 20, 2012

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Sounds like: Baths, Stumbleine
Why do we like this?
In case you might not know, Baths frontman Will Wiesenfeld is a very busy guy. Thankfully, he is also a very talented guy, as shown in his most recent release Bless the Self as his ambient side-project alter ego known as Geotic.

This newest EP from Wiesenfeld gives us a five new tracks, highlighting his ability to set a mood and intrigue the listener all at once. Meant to be listened as a complete experience with gapless playback between tracks, Bless the Self does exactly that. Creating an ambient experience that tells a story, giving as a peek into the mind of Wiesenfeld.

With only using a limited selection of sounds, primarily focusing on the keyboard, Geotic manages to keep an organic feel to the tracks -- tying them all together with some previous tracks he recorded of the Santa Ana winds outside of his home in Chatsworth, CA. The final result is a beautiful record that sounds amazing through a good set of headphones, or blasted while driving by yourself in the car.

The best part is you can check out all of Geotic's material for free at his website.  Enjoy!

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