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Girls - Heartbreaker
Dec 17, 2010
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Ladies and gentleman, Girls have done it again. They've whipped up another dose of pleasantly heartbreaking, incredibly relatable tunes for all of their fans to swoon over. So swoon away, people!

Broken Dreams Club is an homage to Girls' fans; a letter of appreciation, if you will. Lead singer Christopher Owens literally wrote an open letter to his fans, explaining how grateful he is for having such a loving and devoted fan base because, without them, the band wouldn't have the resources to pursue all of the ambitions they have as a creative collective. (You can see the hand-written letter here.)

And so it goes, the Broken Dreams Club EP was birthed and nursed (to perfection, in my opinion) with careful conviction and a classic vulnerable disposition. These six tracks have the ability to wrap you up in their proverbial arms and just sway you and rock you the way you'd want that perfectly envisioned, dreamy significant other to do; the type of relationship that'll raise you up and keep you grounded, all with the best of intentions.

This EP beams as much as it weeps, and it's all done equally tastefully. In a way, it's a roller coaster of elementary emotions... and honestly, do we as humans ever get more complex than those basic primitive emotional needs and wants? Girls get that.

There's an undeniable bluesy, Southern twang attached to this EP, but at the same time, the tracks aren't drenched in that country feel. They've done it in small, refined doses which, in turn, leaves the door wide open for an even bigger following. If you listen to and absorb the lyrics like I have done, your heart may/will break or melt: "I would like some peace of mind / I've got such a heavy heart / And you were broken down / Before you had a chance to start / And I just don't understand / How the world keeps going nowhere." Pfff, you and I both.

This time around, Girls have added another instrument or two to their group, namely the oh-so-fitting horn section. But alas, Girls still opted to keep it pretty simple, and I think that's what makes this band so classic. The intimate relationship that they enjoy between their instruments is apparent and that intimacy translates into what their fans feel when listening to their creations: affection. Basically, this EP is just one big hug.
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