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Gold Panda - Trust

Gold Panda - Trust

Jan 22, 2013

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Sounds like: Four Tet, Seams
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It's always a fantastic day when new Gold Panda shows up in the blogosphere. The artist we've grown to know and love since his well-received single "You" has just dropped a four track EP entitled Trust out officially 3/5 via the ever-amazing Ghostly label.

The title track is ethereal and deep, pulling in many different elements a la fellow UK electronic artist Four Tet. With the only vocals being a few drops of "trust" by a deep seeded voice, this tune is nothing other than downtempo and mellow. Horns, percussions, symbols, and many other instrumentals come together to form a stunning amalgamation of noise. And did I mention the album artwork? Brilliant as well.

The EP is streaming on SoundCloud here, track listing below.

01 Trust Intro

02 Trust

03 Burnt-Out Car in a Forest

04 Casyam_59#02
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