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Good Kid - Bubbly
Feb 09, 2024
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Why do we like this?

Crack! The sound of a soda can opening kicks off "Bubbly," an up-tempo single that lives up to its name.

Fast-paced and filled to the brim with infectious guitar riffs and a toe-tapping drum beat from the start, the song instantly captures attention. Alongside the fast tempo, the lyrics convey the feeling of trying to stay awake amidst an equally fast-paced life that never stops. The rollercoaster ride of the song's story and speedy tempo eventually slow to a gentle finish, and the singer finally closes their eyes at the end of the night.

Good Kid is a five-man group out of Toronto that has churned out solid indie singles since 2015. The band takes inspiration not only from other indie pop bands, but also from J-rock, which can be noted with the instrumentation in their fast-paced tracks such as "Bubbly."

As someone currently juggling a busy life, this song has found itself a spot in my personal soundtrack playlist, and will certainly resonate with anybody else also stuck in the grind. So, get ready to run out the door and onto another busy day of life with "Bubbly."

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