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Harry Fraud - Been Around The Wave (Ft. Max B, French Montana & Daft Punk)
May 29, 2013
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If you're like me, you don't really get your panties twisted and wet over Daft Punk. As I throw my tomato-stained white shirt in the trash, let me explain my position. I grew up just before the Internet hit en masse. My primary forms of music discovery were MTV, BET, local syndicated radio and whatever music magazines the local Blockbuster and Wal-Mart stocked. My first and most poignant memory of Daft Punk was their uber-obnoxious video for the uber-obnoxious "Around The World." Admittedly, I've never been that big into electronic music either, at least not the stadium kind, so I never went and did my homework on the duo.

Since Dip-Set fell apart in the late 2000s, Max B and his affiliates rose as the unfiltered, politically incorrect and crass voice of the New York streets. Before catching a career-ending charge that made him a hood martyr to rap nerds, it was hard to tell whether Max B had more fans from his infectious hooks and melodies or from his hilariously infantile hood DVD interviews.

In 2013, French Montana is Bad Boy's franchise player, Max B is playing dominoes in C-Block and Daft Punk is lame. When the robotic duo returned recently, I got my panties the opposite of twisted and wet (I need a better analogy). Their new shit is corny! And not even the kind of corny I can get into as a guilty pleasure.

Enter French Montana and Max B, aka The Macaroni With The Cheese and Wavey Crockett, via Harry Fraud. The young N.Y. producer responsible for over and underground hits for everyone from French himself, Rick Ross the Rapist Boss, Action Bronson and Smoke DZA, recently took to the streets -- I mean SoundCloud -- to release a Daft Punk remix he had in the stash with French and Max.

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