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House Shoes - Trauma Unit
Apr 03, 2014
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The last seven years has seen House Shoes morph from Detroit's musical ambassador to a one-man machine for good music without boundaries and borders. 

After dropping his decades-in-the-making solo LP Let It Go, Shoes linked with Fat Beats to form his own platform, Street Corner Music. The label hit the ground running, releasing six volumes of an instrumental series aimed at breaking new talent called The Gift. He's also got joint projects on deck with a few Motor City MCs as well as a re-issue of Danny Brown's 2008 debut, Hot Soup. In addition to DJing around L.A. and the world on a regular basis, word on the streets is he may have also consumed a salad sometime in the last 12 months. As you can see, the man gets busy. 

Jay-Z quoted Rakim recently when saying that "G is the seventh letter made," alluding to the God quality of the number seven in various systems of belief. In the modern religion of underground hip-hop, Shoes is most definitely a "G" and it's only fitting that the seventh release in his instrumental series features his own work. 

Since before the Patriot Act passed, Shoes has been quietly getting busy on the MPC. He's dished out beats for J Dilla (two actually), Proof, Elzhi, Danny Brown, and many others. Vol. 7 of The Gift features select production from 1997 to 2011, with some underground classics like "Broken" alongside slept-on heaters like today's featured track, "Trauma Unit."

Originally the soundbed for Fuzz Scoota's grimy realism, the instrumental for "Trauma Unit" is what it sounds like: somber, introspective, and minimal. 

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