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Everymen - Waking Up Hurts

Everymen - Waking Up Hurts

Sep 06, 2013
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Let me introduce to Everymen and their unique folk punk rock style. Meet Serg (lead vocals/guitar/banjo), Jesse (guitar/violin/accordion), Reid (mandolin), Jordan (drums), Jersey (drums) and Tymmi (bull fiddle).

I saw them live a few weeks ago in West Palm Beach. I was super impressed with their acoustic punk sound, and got a chance to speak with the band.

How long have you been together?

We formed fours ago as a band with Serg, Jordan and Tymmi. We had other members come and go.  We officially became Everymen when Jesse joined the band because we needed new guitar player. He was the missing piece.

How does a song come together for you?

Serg writes background, which is bare and simple. Jesse helps with melodies when song gets more complex. Then whole band comes together completes the song. Serg writes something he likes to perform, He puts a lot into the lyrics so definitely read them.

What are your influences?

Music we listen to does not sound like the music we make. We listen to anything ranging from jazz, indie rock and punk.We all grow up in the punk scene. We like to consider ourselves punk because it does not define any style -- it's an idea. Some people say that we are not punk rock. But we say well, what is punk? It is hard to compare us to anyone.

Is there any new music on the way?

We are working on new songs.  We got two CDs and a split we are working on, which includes an acoustic album. Some songs are finished. During live shows we will play songs that are not recorded yet.

Are you signed to a  label?

We started our own label called Wayward Parade. Well, it's more of a collection of musicians, because we got about 12 other bands on the label. We all help promote each other on Facebook. Serg does the contracts, which is one album at time because bands are allowed to sign with bigger labels if they can.

Tour starting in near future?

We are hitting the road this October. We doing a Southeast tour from Georgia to North Carolina and back, ending Central Florida. If want to know what we are all about, come see us live. Our shows are about forty minutes long. It's a fun time because we are very interactive with the crowd.

Check tour dates on Facebook. For more info on Everymen, check out their website.
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