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Kraddy - No Comply
Kyle Suss
Kyle Suss
Oct 22, 2010
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A Kraddy set is designed to do one thing: get you dancing like its 2999. Mission accomplished for Kraddy, but unfortunately I can't say the same for his successors whose sets left me somewhat less than impressed. Lucky for us, this review is about Kraddy -- he has finally found the sound that's going to take him to the next level.

Up until now, Kraddy's biggest single has been "Android Porn," a dancefloor masterpiece that has even seen some mainstream success of late with its feature on America's Got Talent by the group Fighting Gravity. This song is what propelled the former Glitch Mobber's solo career and is the sound he is trying to create with his newest release, The Labyrinth EP.

"No Comply" is the first single from the EP and is also the song that Kraddy chose to open his set with. I caught a listen to the song a couple days before the show and I had a personal dance party, so I knew he was trying to start off the performance with a bang. This track exhibits exactly what Kraddy set out to do by emulating the force and intensity from "Android Porn." I could only hope that the rest of the EP is just as good -- it doesn't drop until November 9.

Kraddy plays heavy, bass-hungry tracks and dances on stage with the beat. As I watched from the crowd, I could tell that he really enjoys what he does. I think that a live DJ is only as good as his/her stage presence, so to see him get down to the music with the crowd was a nice treat.

After giving everyone a taste of new material, Kraddy played some of his signature "Next Level Mash-Ups" that have been circulating online recently. I'm personally not as fond of these, so I'm glad The Labyrinth will only incorporate new material. However, all of the tracks he played came with intensity, and I left happy.

Head over to Kraddy's website to grab "No Comply" as a free download and make sure you watch out for The Labyrinth next month. If its as good as the first single, we'll all soon be dancing under the black-lit stage in white jumpsuits on America's Got Talent.

I had a chance to talk to Kraddy about his newest release, inspirations, and more:

You've mentioned that your songs are written to create "maximum emotion with serious force." What shows have you been to in your lifetime that left you feeling this way? Are there any special tricks that you use to get the crowd hyped?

Many shows have left me feeling that way. Janes Addiction, Sepultura, The Roots, Phish, Metallica, Helmet, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead... just to name a few. I just try and be as genuine as I can with the crowd, have fun, and invite them to have fun with me.

The Labyrinth EP releases on November 9. What can the fans expect from this release and what do you have planned for the future?

This release is only EP-length, but I've put in an albums worth of work. It's heavy, it's got serious bass, and it's epic. Fans can expect to hear that pounding anthemic sound they love, but theres a touch of rock in there and even a great colab with Juice Aleem. For the future I have many things planned -- I've got skate decks in the works, my new website just launched, Heavyweight Dub Champion and I are working on Labyrinth in Dub (the whole EP mixed in the classic dub style). I'm working on a remix for SubSwara right now and  I've got some new tracks of my own in the works too.

You've described the album as "a metaphor for going inside one's self and facing the fears that lie within." What are your fears?

I'm most scared of not living up to my potential. When I was writing the album, I was scared it wouldn't be heavy enough or epic enough. I think it is, though I'll let the people decide.

I hear we can expect some new Kraddy merchandise in the near future. I'm particularly interested in the skate decks and beer koozies. Where can I get my hand on some Kraddy endorsed shwag?

It will all be for sale on my website. I have shirts, stickers and beer koozies for sale on tour now.

Is there anything else you want the fans to know?

I love you guys!
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