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Isaac Winemiller - A Lover's Haze
Apr 16, 2020
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Why do we like this?

Isaac Winemiller...where have you been all of my life? What initially drew me to his fourth single, "A Lover's Haze," were the parallels between his music & the 2010's chillwave that I still listen to because they fuel my desperate addiction to nostalgia. He embraces strong synth patterns, funky basslines, and dream pop-style vocals in his approach to this track, reminiscent of Washed Out.

Winemiller had this to say about "A Lover's Haze":

This song was written in my bedroom about 3 years ago, and after many demo stages, I feel it is finished and ready for people to enjoy. Lyrically the song is melancholy and hopelessly romantic. It hits on the hardships of passing youth, mental health, and young love. While the lyrics give some hope to the listener with catchy lines here and there, it is aided by a funky, laid back, yet immersive and psychedelic soundscape to keep the listener sonically engaged.

Also, he's the touring bassist of Vansire and his brother is a member as well. You can definitely hear some similar elements utilized between the two acts. Isaac is set to release an LP later this year, and this single is a wonderful window into what we can expect. Looking forward to it!

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