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Jaguar Jonze - Rising Sun
Apr 17, 2020
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Why do we like this?

He watched her sip her overly sweet hot chocolate with a smile that matched it. He asked a probing question, as he always did, 'what do you think is the defining quality of the human mind?' A smirk creased his face, which she understood to mean that he had his answer and was waiting to see if hers matched his. She met his smirk with equal strength and answered, 'creativity. What do you think?' 'I agree,' and he looked down at his feet, content in the exchange.

Creativity - something that seems to be oozing from every pore in Australian creative, Deena Lynch. From the first encounter with "Rising Sun," it's hard to deny that it's unique, sultry and exploratory; with a music video that elevates the experience. Dig a little deeper and one can see it doesn't stop there: Lynch not only has a musical project in Jaguar Jonze, but there's also a visual arts project as Spectator Jonze as well as a photography project called Dusky Jonze, which describes itself - quite rightly - as 'another fucking Jonze project.'

Here's the thing, while creativity may or may not be the 'defining quality of the human mind,' there are many of us who scatter this globe with heads full of bright ideas, but not as many who are able to execute them. Here, in Lynch, we have someone who is pushing out their ideas, delivering them to us - in music, illustration and photography. It's admirable, to say the least.

Want more? Find her debut EP Diamonds & Liquid Gold.

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