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Jaguar Sun - Keep You Warm
Jul 09, 2020
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Sometimes a song really hits you with the sense that music is the sound of emotion and Jaguar Sun’s “Keep You Warm” does just that. I’m finding it a truly beautiful listen as it brings me home to a melancholic state. To call that home might sound strange, but I'll try to convey what I mean.

Let's paint a picture: it’s nighttime as you’re driving on the highway with all the lights passing by, you are as disconnected to everything as you are to the strangers in the moving cars beside you. And for some reason, you’re overcome with a soft sadness that frees you from all the hopes and fears you didn’t even know you were holding onto just seconds ago.

When that fortress of hope and fear has been lost, the sadness that remains feels so welcome, like returning home. Sadness can bring with it a view of the world that is more grounded than being lost in the hype of happiness, while still being fully alive and connected. It is warmer than apathy, calmer than happiness. And this is where "Keep You Warm" can send its listener.

The track is one of eight on the multi-instrumentalists debut LP,This Empty Town, due for release later this year. It's a little different from the other two singles released so far, creating a soundscape that is emotive yet calming, touching on something quite tender and still beautifully alive.

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