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JMSN - Alone
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Mar 20, 2012
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Sounds like: Active Child, The Weeknd
Why do we like this?
JMSN, aka Christian Berishaj, is the mastermind behind the album " Priscilla" , released back in January. It's obvious that this guy is fearless and maybe even somewhat conceited considering the various voicemails that he sampled on this album. There's a black sheep vibe within this record that many of you can probably relate to.

" Priscilla"  takes on a large mix of genres and techniques. There's a huge emphasis on eerie orchestral strings and classic R&B tempos which, in my opinion, is a hypnotizing combination. At certain points the album projects a spiritual conflict between good and evil, and the everyday struggles of a person who just can't get their shit together. The only difference between Christian and the rest of those people is that Christian shamelessly took those flaws and made an artistic masterpiece out of them in the form of this album. That's what makes this album so relatable; we all fuck up, but some or most of us don't want to own up to it -- this album basically airs it all out for you.

There's a ton of different sampling effects throughout this entire 16-track album, which adds a touch of psychedelia to its dark and haunting vibe. The vocals are drenched in sorrow and hopefulness and other times helplessness. Either way, they're gorgeous. The layers are luscious and tasteful and there's never a dull moment; this album has a song for everyone. To sum it up, this album tends to be kind of heart wrenching but at the same time, it has the potential to draw you in due to its pop sensibility. To top it all off, Christian wrote and produced this entire album by himself.

JMSN is cut from the cloth of innovative path-whackers that aren't afraid to take the reigns and push the envelope. This year may just be Christian Berishaj's year. Get yourself a copy of " Priscilla"  ASAP!
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Cassie - Me & U (Dr. Fresch's Let's Go Home Remix)
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JMSN - Let U Go
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JMSN - So Badly
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Tags: Editor's Pick, pop, R&B, funk
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