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JMSN - Something
Mar 01, 2012
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Sounds like: Active Child, The Weeknd
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Get ready, I'm about to pop JMSN's Indie Shuffle cherry. This self-produced one-man band was recently brought to my attention, and I'm convinced that if he's not already the next big thing, he probably will be soon.

I will preface this video review with this: if you are squeamish towards blood (oozing from mouths) and/or live, slimy octopi squirming along someone's body, even inside their mouth, maybe you should skip out on this one... but I highly suggest you toughen up, because this video and song is probably like nothing you've seen before.

You never really realize how truly gross an octopus is until it's shot through an HD camera... or at least I didn't. Furthermore, JMSN must really love octopi. You'll see why in a minute.

In all seriousness, this six minute video weeps with despair, terror, insanity, and demonic dispositions in a simple yet very theatrically entertaining way. The kids don't have irises, their mouths ooze blood when evil takes place, JMSN lets his octopus make sweet, sweet love to his upper torso and face and he tries to metaphorically cleanse a naked girl taking a bath.

All the while, his beautiful song, "Something," complements the video and gives meaning to this twisted and bizarre eye fuck (such is life). I'd like to describe this style of music as "soft R&B witch-house." If you carefully listen to the lyrics as you're watching the video, you will hopefully understand how it all ties together. If you don't, you can read JMSN's exquisite explanation here. The underlying theme is a struggle we can all relate to, I think. I'll leave it to your own interpretation though.

If you're still intrigued (like I am) and wanting some more JMSN in your life, go ahead and pick up his album, " Priscilla" ! Keep your eyes peeled for another JMSN review in the near future. In the meantime, I suggest you watch his other videos. His inquisitive ideas and thought processes are not something you encounter every day... or often at all.

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