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Jon Caryl - Roses Are Red
Aug 25, 2020
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While gently ripping your heartstrings, teenage musician, Jon Caryl, proves imperfections are not always something to cover up.

The static you hear after pressing play isn’t coming from your speakers. It’s actually coming from the song. While some could dismiss it as an editing mishap, to me, it sounds like the cozy crackling of a fireplace. Imperfections aren't always bad, but rather something to embrace.

The same can be said for Caryl’s voice. His singing isn't perfect, as I couldn’t help but notice some notes are a bit flat. That doesn’t put any sort of damper on the song or his emotional performance.

Where his voice may lack, the poetic lyrics make up for. Like the line, “roses are red / violets are blue / I don't sleep at night ‘cause I’m thinking of you / alone with my thoughts / trapped in this bed.”

And as the words stream in and out, continuous piano chords keep your emotions running high.

The title track of his new album,Roses Are Red.

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