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Jose Gonzalez - Tjomme
Nov 19, 2021
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Today was one of those high-stress, tight deadlines, can’t keep my head on straight, flapping my hands about on the verge of a total freak-out type of day. And then, Jose Gonzales slid comfortably and smoothly into my ears and into my soul and softened and lightened and just made everything entirely better and more bearable.

“Tjomme” is sung entirely in Swedish, which is a new direction for Gonzales, whose previous offerings are all in English. I’m personally a big fan of hearing him sing in one of his native languages (the other of which is Spanish) and feel it lends a deep authenticity and uniqueness to an artist who already has both in droves. Interestingly, the instrumentation has a decidedly Spanish bent to it, and the combination of these two ethnicities holds the contrasting facets of Gonzales himself beautifully.

On the track, Gonzales says:

“Tjomme means dude in Swedish. So have you lost it? Are you not able to think for yourself? Are you only basing your views on hearsay? So it's basically a song about these dudes that so many people follow and that have so certain ideas about the future, about how we should lead our lives. So yeah, and it's not only the Abrahamic dudes. It's also a nicer, I would say, a nicer dude like Buddha. He also had very specific ideas about the apocalyptic times. And yeah, for me, it's weird that so many people believe this thing so hard.[..]...I'm more for a non-dogmatic view, one where you can change your mind depending on the arguments and data that someone presents to you. And that's what I'm trying to promote through good music.”

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