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Julian - JOY

Julian - JOY

Mar 07, 2012
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Why do we like this?
The XO crew is taking over the R&B game.

First Drake, then The Weeknd. Now? Julian Cruz, Omari Shakir, Kendrick Lamar.

You know you gotta hit play when The Weeknd recommends it. Toronoto just has talent. So let's take a look at Julian.

This dropped back in August, so I'm a little late to the game, but these tracks are still kind of sitting on low heat. They're just waiting to boil over. Julian isn't getting the credit he deserves right now. This dark, stab your ears with sexy stilettos, gothic style R&B paired to hollow beats and explicit lyrics is exactly what I'm into - and exactly what you should be listening to. Eat your heart out. Julian will bring you JOY.

Check out his other tracks like "Potion" and "Lust Spell" - of course they're fucking on it: come-hither lyrics paired to hip and sexy photos. IMO, this whole "I'm an enigmatic artist, I party with beautiful women, I kill it" never gets old to listeners. Let Julian touch your body with his suggestive lyrics. Too much? Ha, never.

So I'm just waiting for the mixtape to drop Julian. Keep bringing more JOY.

Guess all we can do now is take out a cigarette and go walk around for a bit. Maybe find a pretty lady with high heels? Mmhmm.

In the meantime, follow the advice of YouTube: spread this shit like a dealer.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter @JMCJUELZ. His tracks are free to download in the details.

XO till you literally fucking overdose.
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Sounds like: Drake, Frank Ocean
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