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Julian Malone - Welcome to Life

Julian Malone - Welcome to Life

Nov 07, 2012
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Why do we like this?

I'm listening to this album on a plane over Uganda, miles away from where Julian Malone's story takes place. But I feel like I've been transported back to the Chicago suburbs. So, while his music may not be popping off the charts, it's reached the clouds of Kampala - indicative of the long arm of the Internet music scene and the heart and soul this guy puts into his music.

I'm really digging this entire album from the young Julian Malone. This featured track has a great sample from Passion Pit - just one of the many lovely examples of how Julian blends genres into his flow. The power isn't in Julian's sound though, but rather his lyrics. He makes normal yet honest tragedies - songs that cut deep because we've all lived a part of their story. This is similar to Kendrick Lamar in that it's a narrative piece, but much different in beat production and presentation. Less Andre 3000 gangsta rap, more emotional and charged up Kanye. He's imperfect, he messes up, but he often keeps it and goes on. I'm a fan of his style - it makes you feel as if you're in the booth there with him.

I was torn between what to feature, as I've playing tracks like "The Vibes," "Christmas at Grandma's" and "October 20th" on repeat. I really love his use of melancholic sound - "Christmas at Grandma's" adds a bit of nostalgia with an Eternal Sunshine loop while "October 20th" employs the moody Little Dragon track "Twice." Clever choices.

We all wish we could rewind and relive moments in our lives. Take a walk down memory lane with Julian. Recall your unsubstantial thoughts by giving his album a listen. I'm sure you'll also recognize that he puts his all into his music.

You can support Julian by finding him on Twitter. Download his album - for free - on 2dopeboyz.

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