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Julian Maverick - Evolve
Dec 28, 2017
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Sounds like: Beat Connection, Nydge
Why do we like this?

Julian Maverick doesn't release tunes very often, but when he does it's always an event. 

"Evolve" is something that we all do, but as an artist comes the ability to add color and voice to that process. Artists are born with the ability and the burden of processing life through color and voice, and by burden I mean, the weight which craves expression. It's a gestation and birth of the soul and psyche that can be equally as violent as physical birth.

Why do I say all this? "Evolve" may not be his finest song in terms of pop value, but it speaks to the relevance of this moment, this time, his shared, my shared, and likely, our shared experiences.

It's is time to evolve. It is thee time.

Maybe I've known Maverick for too many years. We have, in our professional and very digital relationship shared stories and struggles. And while in some cases, this would turn me away from a persons brilliance, in his case, it draws me closer. I remain one of his biggest fans because his ability is undeniable. The color and voice he creates, when he boils down the truth of whatever he's lived, speaks to what we've all lived. And he can produce that truth is such a way that feels like the release of, a first breath, a coming home. His music is like a permanent holiday for the soul.

"Evolve" is a such a gift in a time when truth is needed so badly. The lyrics offer no frills. Maverick says what he feels, his voice shakes because he's human, and his message remains buoyant because he's chosen to pad it with the joyous sounds his subtropical Australian origin.

When I listen to Maverick I feel joy. It is a constant.

The need to evolve, to become better versions of ourselves is can be weighty, but everyone knows, change is only possible when we feel light. 

Maverick's tunes give that gift of light, allow that joy, insight the evolution. His is truly music of the soul, universally, which is what music was born for.



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