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Jungle - Keep Moving (Blessed Madonna Remix)
May 15, 2021
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Monkey See, Monkey Groove

Blessed Madonna's remix of Jungle's "Keep Moving" is a banging groove, layered with eccentricities that had me swinging and jiving for about 12 loops.

Jungle, in its own right, creates music that you can dance to almost instantly — no breaks, no stopping, from top to bottom absolute jams. However, one would think they couldn't increase that speed, that rhythm, that power, and yet here we are - jamming at a grooving hyperspeed all thanks to Blessed Madonna.

The song is a literal forest of sounds, funky grooves, electric swooshes, rambling drums, and an omnipresent vocal that never lets us go, always there to remind you that no matter what, no matter how tired you are, the party isn't going to stop and you should just keep moving.

What a jam; what a time!

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