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Kasbo - I Don't Get
Oct 03, 2015
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88 times
Sounds like: Tulpa, Swindail
Why do we like this?

Music seems to be one of the best forms of mediation. Whatever you may be feeling, or what you're going through, you can trust in music to guide you to the other side, and hopefully you'll come out stronger. They say without pain, or suffering, one cannot grow – to a certain extent this is true.

Kasbo's newest single is on the more ambient, emotional side of things, rather than his typical energetic tunes that we're used to hearing. "I Don't Get" guides you through any emotional roller-coaster you may be riding, and spits you out feeling refreshed and with a sense of peace. Hopefully he'll be turning out many more like this in the future, because it's unique tracks like this that shape the way for many artists to come.

If there's anything I could leave you with, it's that you should always have faith in music to guide you through anything you're dealing with. There's something so strong about music, and the origin is still somewhat of a mystery. Music dates back to the prehistoric days, and there are countless hypotheses trying to determine where it started.

Whenever and wherever that may have been, or whoever may have done so, we have an utmost amount of gratitude for providing purpose to many of our favorite people's life, and to ours as well.

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