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Kate Boy - Self Control
Oct 10, 2014
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Why do we like this?

In the past week, I've made an effort to listen to songs that speak to me on a deeper level. Depending on the type of listener you may be, connecting to the music may be inherent and second nature. Music is my life, and I have several purposes for listening to songs and lyrics. Some weeks, it's about the lyrical play. Other weeks, it's about the rhythms and a connection that is natural, one that doesn't require thought. 

This week, I'm all about self control. For the last few weeks, actually, I've been in a mental space of elimination. Deletion of unnecessary and cluttered aspects of life. Social media, energies that clash, living space crowdedness -- all of it. I'm not going for minimalism necessarily, but it is important every once in a while to regain a sense of importance. What's meaningful in your life? What do you gain strength from, and what decisions do you have control over?

Kate Boy touches on this in their most recent single, aptly titled, "Self Control" off their forthcoming debut album. 

"So free yourself, don't let nobody take control.

Remember yourself, don't let nobody take control."

An inherently simple premise, but one that is oft overlooked. The ability to choose, and to have a say in your life, is one that so many people give up. "I don't care, you choose." "I'll do whatever." These are the most basic instances, that we hear almost daily. On a higher level, finding ourselves in situations where we've given up our happiness or comfort because of a situation that we *think* is right. Sometimes you just need a good shake up to remember what the priorities are. What you *want*What you control.

You get to control you. Thank you, Kate Boy, for the awesome reminder. 

The band is on tour, and will be making a stop at Glasslands in Brooklyn on October 25, among other special stops. 

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