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King Shelter - Preccoupy
Aug 02, 2016
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Why do we like this?

I've recently learned why we love music. Long story, but repetition and familiarity are two words found a whole lot in the explanation. The element of surprise, however, is another element involved in that explanation that plays a major part of it all, as well. 

As soon as "Preoccupy," by King Shelter starts you will hear something distantly familiar. Actually, you will hear various elements throughout the progression of this jam that will also feel the same. Like something you have heard before, but can't necessarily pinpoint right here and now. 

The lyrics are written to a classic vocal arrangement, and are executed by a cool male vocal that also sounds a bit like something you have heard somewhere else, before. The mix on those vocals, too. It works. 

What you begin to hear are several familiar pieces of different styles of songs that you've heard before mixed into one song that makes sonic love and produces a pleasantly audible baby. 

It's what the world should be like. A place where definitions don't matter because they're constantly being crossed-over to get redefined. 

King Shelter refer to this sound as "salad rock." I'm not so sure how I feel about that term, but it pretty much sums up the listen.

Oh, and the surprises come in that they piece all these other pieces with transitions you don't quite expect. There's a certain level of erratic-ness here, that just works.


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