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Laurence Guy - Ubik
Apr 09, 2016
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Why do we like this?

Missed this gem. These sounds by Laurence Guy are making me feel like I actually have a life. Spoiler: I don't. I mean, outside from breathing and remaining conscious enough to bring you this post. I also researched if there was any irony hiding behind the title "Ubik," you know, something to match my current state of apathy.

Apparently Ubik is a famous science fiction novel in which people take regular trips the moon. All the people are psychic and yet a certain corporation wants to stop them from being psychic. Upon reading the full synopsis, I related to this sentence the most: "Runciter runs the company with the assistance of his deceased wife Ella, who is kept in a state of "half-life," a form of cryonic suspension that gives the deceased limited consciousness and the ability to communicate".

Even in "half-life" suspension, I bet Ella would show signs of pleasure when listening to the musical version of "Ubik." I know I am.

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