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Lee (asano + ryuhei) - Arf (Ft. Persian Empire)
May 11, 2021
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Some days, your brain just feels a bit fuzzy, you know? Like there are three clowns in there just juggling marshmallows while walking on fire, and maybe there’s a bear in there somewhere, and he might be drinking a milkshake but you can’t be entirely certain. Does he have a hat? Is there a flickering light on somewhere to your left? Is the sky purple? Are you real? Do you want some cheese? I mean, probably. Cheese is pretty good.

That’s what this track is like. It’s confusing and sudden, and ambiguous, and all over the place. It’s a lot. But it’s the perfect musical description of those fuzzy brain days.

At just 1.11 seconds, this glitchy merry-go-round is over just as quickly as it began, but there’s so much packed into the short timeframe that any more would just be overwhelming.

Rihanna - Stay (20Syl Remix)
Sounds like: Baths, edIT, The Glitch Mob
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Fuji Kureta - Cacti
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Saskwatch - Never Had Nothing/Your Love (Martin King Remix)
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Soosh - Always (Shigeto's What We've Been Thru Redux)
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