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Little Dragon - Feather
Aug 17, 2010
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A miracle happened when sweet-beats R&B knocked up ethereal electro-pop. Little Dragon was born... and make no mistake, people, this is not a bastard child. No, no. They knew exactly what they were doing. Hailing from Sweden, Little Dragon consists of four long-time friends (three guys and one girl, who is the lead vocalist... and quite a unique one at that) who finally brought their talented visions to fruition.

Their sophomore album, Machine Dreams, boasts a refreshing new sound that I'm sure will be the archetype for evolving music in the near future (not to leave out their first album circa 2007, which is also delectable).

The album's rhythm and beats often take on a definitive R&B base which seems to stem from the singer's self-proclaimed affinity for R&B while growing up. Sometimes the band will switch it up for an 80s-type dance beat during various tracks. Either way, it's impossible not to bob your head. They tend to build on the beats with ambient and often futuristic, yet nostalgically-80s, synth and other various butt-shaking blips and bloops.

Then we have the vocals. This multi-talented lady has incredible control over her impressively original-sounding voice: great range, great depth, all slightly covered in a thin sheath of smokey tone. The whole album takes you to a different level of feeling. I, personally, often feel as though I just showered after listening to Little Dragon. So go ahead and give yourself that proverbial shower you've been searching for.

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