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2 Live Crew - Be My Private Dancer (Chrome Sparks Remix)
May 22, 2012
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Last night, Detroit got lucky. It was one of those shows when the good is so great that it strips you of all inhibitions and you find yourself lost in the moment, exclaiming wildly in pseudo-sexual outbursts.

But this isn't a post about the funky-glitched out, traphouse headliner Star Slinger. This isn't a post about the easily marketable hip-hop mashups of Hood Internet. Nor is it a post about Chrissy Murderbot who, unfortunately was not a girl and frankly should stop while he's ahead. This is a post about Chrome Sparks (a.k.a Jeremy Malvin) -- the DJ/artist from Ann Arbor by way of Pittsburgh who KILLED it.

High energy met with with good taste, put on a bad-ass sweater, called itself Chrome Sparks, and straight drop-kicked a load of future garage into flittering hands and stomping feet. He opened the floor with an effortless energy and was able ignite the tightly gathered crowd -- totally bypassing that whole "getting to know you" stage. But he wasn't up there performing his solo material. He chose to do a DJ set, and it turned out being one of the best sets I've heard live in a long time.

Jeremy seems like the kind of dude that could show you a good time in any given situation. If you came without it, Jeremy would probably have steeze to spare. He has no need to try to win the crowd over with typical bass drops and dubstep antidotes -- his taste for music speaks for itself. His set was on par with Disclosure, Eliphino, or Kidnap Kid which was a very welcome surprise.

I about lost my shit when he mixed in Kidnap Kid's remix of CBDL's "I Need You.. Suddenly, it got all international up in that piece, and I saw Chrome Sparks in the fancy dirty scenes of the UK underground and the gritty stages from the north to the south. Whatever it was that Malvin was emanating seemed to whisper of bigger and better, promise and plenty -- he seemed to glow.

I managed to catch up with him after the show. He told me he had previewed two new solo tracks into his set, which he promised to keep me posted about. A Chrome Sparks/Indie Shuffle debut sounds pretty tantalizing, right? Jeremy also told me about the trouble of performing his set with a full band, that DJing was not only more fun, but exponentially less stressful, and that eventually he hopes to carry on as a one-man show (much like T.E.E.D).

It's always pleasant having such talent in Detroit, but outside of the techno greats, it seems everyone chooses to move on at some point. Jeremy has definite plans of making a go in the Big Apple, and I have no doubt that he will conquer those crowds too.

All in all, in was an excellent night of music, and I was sincerely blown away by Chrome Sparks. Kudos Jeremy and thanks for the show! Download My <3 and explore more on his Soundcloud.
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