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Banks - Fall Over
Sep 18, 2013
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Banks, you are lovely.  You have a tremendously seductively voice.  Your stage presence is organic and soul-bearing.  Lana del Rey only can pretend to have a voice like yours.  For these reasons, I must apologize for the crowd at The Greek theater in Berkeley last week.

As her fifth show ever, the darling L.A. native certainly projected ease and comfort in front of the jam-packed amphitheater.  Opening for The Weeknd as a first foray into touring in the US is definitely nothing to scoff at, and this junior artist was artfully prepared.  Many will play straight to their album, especially when first touring, but there was no issue taking artistic liberties at appropriate moments.

She, along with her stellar guitar and percussion support, squeezed every last minute out of the performance.  Gracefully fluttering about in a black slip dress, Banks let her small yet bountiful library blossom before the crowd.  Among the stand outs were "Before I Ever Met You," "Warm Water," "Waiting Game," and "Fall Over."  As a delightful little surprise, she covered Lauren Hill's hit "Ex-Factor," as if her set wasn't already great enough.

So what was the problem?  Perhaps the overbearing force of the blacked out college students, or the many, many people talked shouted their way through the opener.  One, erhm, "gentleman" even shouted at one point, "Shut the fuck up!  I came here for The Weeknd!"  Disgusting?  Reprehensible?  Obviously.

Banks gave her heart to the crowd last Friday, and hopefully the ones that came to see her were able to convey their appreciation over the din.  Let's just pray that she returns for a more suitable, appreciative crowd.  I know that I will certainly look forward to another chance to see this amazing talent.  California, do better.
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