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Bag Raiders - Prelude
Apr 07, 2011
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The Aussie duo Jack Glass and Chris Stracey (aka Bag Raiders) whom we've all come to love by now, brought the sounds of their self-titled LP to life Saturday night in Santa Monica at V Lounge. These boys threw it down so hard that even your grandma would've been shakin' her rump. We got served no shortage of eargasms -- I know I can speak for the entire crowd by saying everyone got pleasured. Anyone who disagrees with that probably didn't deserve to be there in the first place, or just needs to have their ears checked.

Classix, Bag Raiders, an eager music loving crowd, dance floor, fog machine and basic electricity - these things combined will ignite a contagious fun filled delirium. Cram into one giant room, add the above ingredients, throw some boozein the mix and you're having one helluva party with 300 new friends and a night for the books.

This was a shoulder to shoulder, dance-with-a-stranger, get-dirty-and-don't-apologize-for-it type of show. There wasn't a single body in the sold-out crowd standing still. Even the hipsters retired the head bob for the night. Brad Nowell would be proud, no muñecas here!

With all the fog filling the open space, it was easy to lose yourself into the abyss of electronic existence, letting the music guide you to indulgence. We all left with dirty feet and a new hairdo. What else could you ask for? Props to Bag Raiders for doing what they do and a shout out to Modular People for hooking Indie Shuffle up!

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