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Lunatic Wolf - Careless
May 11, 2020
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Why do we like this?

The verse of this song reminds me sooooo much Delta Spirit's "California," which is one of my favorite indie rock songs. Also, the boys behind Lunatic Wolf are from South Africa, which means I'm naturally biased toward them.

The Joburg duo have been making music together since high school. I haven't really seen them doing the rounds down here in Cape Town, but then again I'm a dad with two young kids so I'm not exactly getting out much. Oh, and then there's that whole quarantine thing happening. So I guess no one's getting out...

Oh well. "Careless" is about childhood nostalgia and moving along as the changes come, which I suppose is appropriate right now as many of us pine for a distant life-in-the-past where we could go for walks outside or talk to friends in person. I dunno about you, but this one definitely hit the right notes for me.

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