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M83 - Intro (Ft. Zola Jesus)
Oct 24, 2011
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Why do we like this?

M83 produced another colossally epic album, folks. But really, what else could we expect from Anthony Gonzalez, synth-pop guru/brains behind M83? I'll tell you what you can expect: an explosively imaginative 22-song double album that will blow your freakin' mind.

Pulling inspiration from his adolescent years, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is an ode to Gonzalez's childhood with a mixture of nostalgic memories and melancholy experiences. When asked about whether or not this album was his most "epic" yet, Gonzalez replied by saying:

"For me, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is this soundtrack to an imaginary world in this imaginary movie. This is exactly what we tried to do, to make something very eclectic with a lot of different kinds and styles of music."

Like any M83 album, the first listen can be a little overwhelming with its digital flourishes and crashing instrumentals, but after a couple of listens, everything adds up into audible excellence.

The first single to be released, "Midnight City," became an overnight success amongst music bloggers and M83 fans across the globe. Jam-packed with highly danceable beats and ethereal vocals, this was the perfect single to set the tone for what amazingness was to come. "Reunion" right from the start is a track full of spontaneous beats, positive dynamisms and pent-up energy that break out forcefully, immediately captivating your eardrums "OK Pal" is another highly danceable track with atmospheric backbeats, soft-spoken vocals, escalating melodies, and enough synth to send and your DeLorean on a four-minute journey back to the eighties.

Even at its oddest moments, this album delivers a wonderfully constructed, luscious sound that not only embodies the power of adolescence, but also recalls previous albums and past influences. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is a music lovers' dream in itself, taking you on a extravagant midnight voyage full of excitement, angst and splendor.



01. Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)

02. Midnight City

03. Reunion

04. Where the Boats Go

05. Wait

06. Raconte-Moi Histoire

07. Train to Pluton

08. Claudia Lewis

09. This Bright Flash

10. When Will You Come Home?

11. Soon, My Friend


01. My Tears Are Becoming a Sea

02. New Map

03. OK Pal

04. Another Wave From You

05. Splendor

06. Year One, One UFO

07. Fountains

08. Steve McQueen

09. Echoes of Mine

10. Klaus I Love You

11. Outro

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