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Mar 04, 2021
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This newly released single is the first music we’ve heard from Mansionair in 2021 and is off their forthcoming second album, due for release later this year. “MORE” left me wanting, well, more. Not in terms of the song not being enough – which it was, in spades – but rather in that I didn’t expect it to end when it did. It felt sudden and unexplained. This is somewhat explained by lead singer Jack Froggatt, who shared the following in a press release:

“We started playing around in new time signatures trying to figure out where it fit best, eventually landing on 5/4 which has this feeling of never really resolving and always feeling tense.”

It’s that sense of never resolving that makes the song feel relatively unfinished, but not in a bad way; it just makes me want to listen to it over and over again, like I’m searching for something I can’t quite find but I know is hidden in there somewhere. This sense of missing something fits perfectly with the theme of the track, which effectively revolves around a character with a delusional desire for something more. Especially in a world where we swallow tiny dopamine kicks of instant gratification like candy, where consumerism is king, where we do what we can to keep ourselves disconnected (from each other, from our feelings, from ourselves), where we do the same trivial things every day to constantly chase that high of feeling something, anything – “MORE” is relevant. It’s rousing and evocative, and speaks to a deep-seated desire for something bigger than the everyday numbing absorption of the mundane.

“MORE” is grungy and raw, and complemented exquisitely by Foggart’s emotive and resonant vocals. Add a couple of soaring synths and a driving drum beat, and you’ve got an anthem. This song awoke something in my soul. It may do the same for you.

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