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Elvis - Love Me, Tender (It Will Be Alright) (Marcioz Cover)
Mar 31, 2016
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Sounds like: Howle, Dugong Jr., Tennyson
Why do we like this?

There are some days when the weight of existence can be overwhelming. When our souls feel heavy and the light we seek flickers with doubt. Some days we give up before we've even begun.

In these moments of fear and uncertainty, we may turn to a friend, our family, or music. A powerful tool for communicating something indescribable about our humanity, music can move us in ways no other art form can. There's comfort in knowing that others understand our struggle, that our feelings are valid and the darkness is only temporary.

On this gentle, uplifting cover of Elvis' "Love Me, Tender," Brazilian producer Marcioz reminds us that there is more strength in showing vulnerability than feigning strength, subtitling the track "It Will Be Alright." After posting this song, he was contacted by a fan who thanked him for his music and admitted that this song carried him through a very dark time in his life.

Isn't that what music is all about? A cathartic way for us to communicate our perspective in the hopes it will resonate with someone else? It is a vessel for fostering connection, and shows us that we are not alone. That it will be alright.

So I'm not going to bombard you with flowery language in an attempt to describe the sound. Instead, I'm just going to say that this is a very special track, and I implore you to listen to it and let it take you where it may. You can explore more of Marcioz's metamorphic music here.

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