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Master Blazter - ProtoBlazter
Dec 02, 2014
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Sounds like: Dam-Funk, Onra, eLan
Why do we like this?

It's been three years since Jovan Coleman, aka J-1, passed away. If you've never met the man, it can be hard to accurately put into words his impact and legacy. His discography was just beginning to grow, and he was just coming into his own and about to hit his stride as an artist. Maybe that's why it's so tragic he's gone.

He was one of the most sincere and arduous musicians I've ever come across. Never one to compromise his passion, J-1 put his all into everything: making beats, playing the drums, enjoying a show, or even shaking your hand. Maybe that's why it still stings to know he's gone, though I barely knew him. 

His people will not let him die. Master Blazter, the modern funk outfit J-1 populated with Dam-Funk and Computer Jay, recently revisited a demo of his to finish the job. "ProtoBlazter" is a taste of the futuristic deep funk J-1 carried within. 

Thankfully, the goof people at Stones Throw Records will be releasing the funk album J-1 was working on before his transition. His community is coming together to finish what J started and it will be a beautiful circle to see complete. STH tells us:

"This joint was originally laid down as a demo by J-1 and fellow Master Blazter, Computer Jay, for an album that was left unfinished. After J-1's passing, the remaining members of the group gathered to add the final layer of Dam's blazing lead synth to complete the funk that is Master Blazter. They were joined by J's Bay Area family and 4onefunk member Teeko and Mugpush, who had been working closely with J-1 on completing his album just before he passed away, and who are determined to carry out J's vision.

With the help of J-1's loyal family of friends and fans, his project will see its completion and release in 2015. The LP entitled GOINtUFF musically tells the story of our beloved J-1 THE DEER!"

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