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Matt Hylom - Look To The Stars
Oct 07, 2016
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Why do we like this?

I like the lyrics on this next song titled: "Look To The Stars," by Matt Hylom. It's that simple.

With music, I have to be able to connect with the artist, somehow. I can't like some shit just because everyone else around me is tweeting about or snapping to it. It has to feel genuine to me, and I get that from Matt when he tells us that he keeps producing; that he keeps honing in on his craft/passion just because he knows he can always get better. 

"Everyday I break my back to make my track better." 

I love that shit right there because that's who I am, too. A constantly progressing human being that needs growth. It's the only true measurement we have, to know if we are getting better; if we're becoming more. 

Matt's a writer, amongst a solid musician and guitarist, a dad and husband. He represents all of us out there that will relentlessly continue to follow our dreams without excuses. Excuses are easy. They're for assholes, jerkoffs and losers. It's also, that simple. 

Shout out to Matt Hylom and check out his EP, too, titled: "My Own Anxieties." 

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