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Maya Hawke - Hang In There
Apr 26, 2024
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Why do we like this?

What I've come to love about Maya Hawke's music is the somewhat haunting contrast between the sound and the lyrics.

"Hang In There" is the latest from her upcoming album Chaos Angel and it continues this trend. Many of her songs have a relaxing sort of ASMR sound to them. The kind you could relax or fall asleep to yet when you listen to the words, they tell a complete story often with dark themes.

"Hang In There" specifically deals with the topic of a clearly toxic and abusive relationship. With heartbreaking moments where Hawke says to the person that what happened is "not who you are". and wishes to take their pain anyway.

"Hang In There" is certainly not what I would call a feel-good song. However, like most of Hawke's songs it's a very beautiful piece that in my opinion only gets better with repeated listening.

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