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Men I Trust - Sugar
Sep 02, 2021
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With Emma Proulx’s vocals more akin to saccharine whispers at 2 am than warbling crescendos, there’s an honesty and authenticity to “Sugar” that is only emphasized by its warm and comforting sound. Add to this jazz-inspired dream-pop instrumentation, and it’s clear why Men I Trust have cemented themselves as an act to watch - despite their lack of a label or publicist. The music speaks for itself, confidently and unapologetically.

The track sparkles quietly, like a wildfire spreading in slow motion, or a supernova exploding over the course of several hours from lightyears away. It’s potently gentle, and therein lies its power. “Sugar” proves that one doesn’t have to shout in order to be bold.

As the band’s fifth studio album, Untourable Album was written during the start of the global lockdown. On this, the band says in a statement on Instagram:

"We started working on this album amidst the global lockdown and didn’t expect to be able to 'tour' these songs. We wanted to take the opportunity to work on new and different material, without necessarily intending to play these songs live. We wrote freely as if we were suspended in time with no external attachments."

And the feel of writing freely carries through the whole album as sweetly as sugar.

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