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Miranda Inzunza - Claustrophobic (Ft. D-WiLL)
Nov 24, 2016
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Why do we like this?

The biggest takeaway from this next tune you're about to listen to should be the writing. It is im-fucking-peccable. Writing like this doesn't come too often. Believe me, I would know. 

Working on some of the biggest projects out there (remember that Cyrus Pavel is a pen name), I know hit-writing when I hear it. Mark my words, if Miranda doesn't have a pub deal yet, then she may get one before the year is over. 

That being said, hit play and get ready to feel something. Memories rushing back from old loves that once were. Tears rolling back up from the ground and into the dry ducts they once poured out of. Regret. 

We spend so much time talking, singing, writing and instragramming about those that regret losing us that we skip the parts where it was us who regretted the loss. We can't all be the regretted, right? If that were the case then where is the hurt? Because if the pain wasn't real then neither was the love. 

Neither here, nor there. Just hit play, listen to a beautiful song and maybe acknowledge that the writing is some of the best you have heard in months; maybe even years. 

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