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Mist Glider - All I Need

Mist Glider - All I Need

Jun 20, 2013

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There's something quite comforting about this new Mist Glider instrumental track, isn't there? Maybe it's the wind chime intro, the sleepy beach ambience, or how the spacious synths line up with that looped vocal chant. One things I know for sure: I'm very excited to share the premiere of Mist Glider's "All I Need" with you.

"All I Need" showcases Mist Glider's ability to tone his productions down, and makes a strong argument that the producer's original cuts are just as strong as his remixes. "All I Need" is a funky little slice of experimental electronica, and has me hopeful that Mist Glider will drop an EP sometime this summer.

Keep up with all of Mist Glider's fresh productions on Facebook and SoundCloud.
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