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Mokoomba - Njoka
Jul 16, 2014
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Why do we like this?

Just like their Zimbabwean predecessors, Mokoomba are making waves in the western world, and it isn't tricky to see why.

In the case of the Bhundu Boys, a combination of endless energy and a fresh sound catapulted them towards the top. Nowadays, music from around the world is more accessible, and people are more familiar with the Bhundu's jit sound.

It is helpful, then, that Mokoomba bring much more than the music of their country. From the Victoria Falls region of Zimbabwe, and self proclaimed as "afro-fusion," the boys from Mokoomba mix their afro beat with a little bit of salsa on this occasion, and it's the sonic definition of infectious.

Lead singer Mathias Muzaza possesses a quite remarkable voice -- to those that thought the two-octave effect here is an example of studio trickery, think again. When producing what sounds like two voices, the harsh tone that comes as a result is commanding. However, when producing just one tone, the purity and brilliance of Muzaza's voice really shines through.

The experimentation that Mokoomba go through here -- beatboxing, full brass backing, funk guitar interjections -- could result in something disjointed and disastrous, but it all pulls together, and it all works. In particular, the combination of African guitar licks and the syncopated drive of salsa seems to be an inspired pairing.

With a group of such talented musicians, and the will to try out new sounds, there's really no knowing what could happen to Mokoomba, but it will be fun to watch.

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