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MorMor - Pass The Hours
Jan 29, 2019
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282 times
Why do we like this?

After discovering this track and artist via one of those occasional and REALLY great Youtube suggestions that I'm sure everyone has experienced at some point or another (sometimes their algorithms are just so surpassingly good), I sat down to write about it. 

The song has a very ethereal quality about it and although l knew I liked it very much, I couldn't really put my finger on what it was that I liked so much. MorMor's soulful high-pitched vocals? the rolling, cyclical bass line? The sweet dream-pop vibes all round? that simple drum machine pattern?  

I decided to play "Pass The Hours" on repeat to see if something would come to me, and focused on some other work I had on my plate for the day. I think hours may have actually passed as I listened. At least one or two. But how many times had I played this song on repeat? I had to find out -- there must be a way to see how many times I had listened to the track? I looked at Spotify Wrapped, but that only showed my plays from 2018; I Googled further and checked the history in my Spotify queue (that doesn't show a number); I researched various other ways -- I must have spent another 25 or so mins researching this. All the while the song kept rolling over on repeat. It is still playing now as I write the last few sentences here. And I have no good reason to change it. 

Enjoy passing the hours with MorMor. 

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