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Myd - Let You Speak
Apr 11, 2021
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Why do we like this?

“Let You Speak” is so quirky and fun, and is brought to us in true Myd fashion. The track is funky, surprising, and danceable, and was released prior to his upcoming album, Born a Loser, which is due for release at the end of April. It’s electronica fused with indie-pop goodness, with just a dash of funk thrown in for good measure.

While anything Myd touches is sure to get the party started and make you feel like it’s always summer, it’s the music video that brings the gold. Initially, we see three men speaking in French about how nice it is to film with friends, and this hilarious subtitled conversation continues throughout the video. The three traipse around the peninsula, using whatever they can find as instruments (including a plastic-covered board, a missile, and helicopter blades) and recording their sounds in a variety of strange and hard-to-access places (think under a bridge, an ice cave, and a stories-high tunnel of spiral staircases).

After some expected conflict about what Myd has been talking them into, the three eventually find a happy place and start recording inside a sea cave. A freak wave appears the tide comes in suddenly, and everyone except Myd drowns as the song ends.

The final scene is Myd presenting the video to a board of individuals headed by someone who looks like the French version of The Godfather, and even though Myd tries his best to defend the sea cave idea, the board looks severely pissed and one member even storms out. The whole thing, despite the freak accident (or perhaps because of it), is funny and lighthearted, and perfectly encapsulates what Myd describes the single as being about:

“The joy of feeling free, unbound, ready to travel and run away without looking back.”

Sounds like an absolute dream, if you ask me.

But maybe minus the sea cave.

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