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Myndset - To The Stars
Jan 31, 2012
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Well, it's about that time. Myndset, the LA-based EDM producer who has taken the internet and dance floor by storm with killer remixes of Deadmau5's "Aural Psynapse" and Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" has unleashed a new mixtape on the world.

To The Stars balances the ever-evolving style and prowess of Myndset as a house producer/DJ, while staying true to what makes his work so entertaining. Superior track selection  and flawless transitions define this bass-pumping hour of musical goodness. With Myndset readying himself to headline San Francisco's next big dance party, Life in Motion 3, on February 12 at Ruby Skye, the house maestro was awesome enough to talk with me a bit about his approach to producing and what he's got on the horizon.

Go support Myndset by downloading To The Stars and grabbing a ticket to Life in Motion 3. It's guaranteed fun.

I want to start by finding out what drives you as a producer when you decide to take on a new project? What makes you want to get your hands dirty with some tracks, but not others?

When I'm considering what to remix there are a few questions I ask myself. Irrespective of genre, does the original track have any steam behind it? I strategically pick tracks that I think already have recognition and by me remixing them could bring more attention to my name as oppose to remixing an obscure artist. Secondly I ask, is the track even remix-able? Do I have access to the acapella, stems, or can I manipulate the original in order to make space for all the instrumentation I need to add into it. The Gotye original was light all throughout so I just used a hi-pass filter to eliminate the low end and then I just added my parts to accentuate the structure and progression that it already had.

Every day artists are branching out more and more with their samples. How does Myndset stay original as more producers emerge and flood the market? What are your keys to staying relevant?

I don't feel like I have to compete with anyone's sound. There's room for everyone to do their thing and people will appreciate all types of music so as long as it's good. I can understand why kids want to emulate Skrillex or Dillon Francis. They are dope producers and that sound is really relevant right now, but it doesn't create any separation for their own work. Even though I have influences, I can't bring myself to using the same synth patches that blatantly sound like someone else.

I've read you're a hip-hop fan. As a big fan myself, I am curious as to your opinion on the state of hip-hop and which emcees and producers, if any, are inspiring your current work?

For me, hip hop isn't what it used to be 10-15 years ago but to say it sucks now would be unfair, because even with EDM music I really only appreciate 5% of what I hear at best. Everything has become saturated because of what I explained earlier, everyone's trying to follow each other. I admire what Kanye and Jay did on Watch the Throne. It was one of the better hip hop projects I've heard in awhile. They produced the shit out of that album and I appreciate that. My influences can come from many different places: hip hop, soul, 80's, international music, electronic, progressive. You name it. I'm open to experimenting with anything that I think has potential.

2012 should be a busy year for you. For the Shufflers out there who may not be up to date, what can we expect from Myndset in the coming weeks and months?

After hibernating in the studio for the past couple months, I've taken on a heavy schedule of gigs for the better part of January and February. The release of my mixtape is my current project, but I am also quietly working on an original single with vocals that should be out very shortly. I think that is the natural progression after putting out a handful of remixes. The fans are waiting for some originals and I think that it'll help increase my brand as an artist and not just a remixer.

If you could play a live show anywhere on Earth, where would you want to perform and why?

Some desolate island where people have left their worries behind on the main land and their sole objective is to just listen to music and dance until they can't dance no more. And then I realized oh shit...that's Ibiza.

Maybe we'll catch a small taste of that at Ruby Skye on February 12 when you headline Life in Motion 3. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with Indie Shuffle. Any final thoughts?

I appreciate the continued support from Indie Shuffle and I'm glad you guys will be in attendance for what will be my biggest show to date. Continue to look out for more Myndset material in 2012 and beyond. Cheers.
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