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New Politics - Harlem

New Politics - Harlem

Mar 13, 2013

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Why do we like this?
In my not-so-secret dream life, days are interspersed with seemingly spontaneous song-and-dance routines (yes, this and even this definitely had something to do with that. Uh, why didn't that happen at MY prom?!).

Today's dance break comes courtesy of New Politics, putting out some of the most fun good-time rock 'n' roll I've heard in a while. Their single, "Harlem," is just begging you to get up and get down: "When it gets loud, I turn it up/Sh-sh-shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem!" A booming backbeat and enough raucous guitar works amp things up to full on party levels, never deviating its undeniably hooky sound.

Careful, too many listens will have you ready to start dancing on tables.
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