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Apr 13, 2017

So, we've got a few teases so far that kinda hint at a new Haim album for 2017. We're here to share everything we know, so let's get started. 

Wait a sec - before we just jump into it, let us share a bit about the band in case you haven't heard of them yet. They're a pop-rock band from Los Angeles made up of three sisters and a drummer.

Haim Band Members

Let's break it down for you: we've got Danielle Haim on guitar and lead vocals, Este Haim on bass, Alana Haim on guitar and keyboard on stage with Dash Hutton on the drums. 

Ok, now we're ready to share what we know. 

Haim Teases with New Billboards 

All across this wild world we live in, billboards have been popping up featuring the band. We've seen billboards in Berlin, Sydney, LA & London. It looks like a beautiful commercial for perhaps several well-known clothing brands but the only word that is featured on the billboard is none other than 'Haim'. 


Bastille's Tweet 

Dan from Bastille tweeted an image of one of their new billboards and, well, he kind of confirms (in his excitement) a new Haim album. 


Polydor UK Tweet

Polydor UK, their record label, tweeted "New Haim Coming!" and then deleted it. Sneaky, sneaky, but we caught you. 

That Time Haim Cancelled European Tour Dates

Last year Haim cancelled some of their European tour dates in a hand-written letter explaining that they need to finish their album. 


4. Do You Really Need More Info? 

Well if you do, they've shared a picture of the band in studio...and the caption? '2017' 


In all fairness, they do like to tease, and we have been expecting a new album for a while now. Doesn't make us any less excited, so everyone reading this, cross your fingers now and let's hope 2017 is the year for a new Haim album. 

P.S. Since we haven't heard much from Haim since their 2013 album Days Are Gone, we thought you might like to take a listen to some of their tracks. Check out some Haim songs below. 

Image source: Haim's Facebook.

Haim - Edge

Haim - My Song 5

Haim - The Wire

Haim - Falling

Haim - Send Me Down

Haim - Don't Save Me

Haim - Better Off

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