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Jul 14, 2017

Familiar with the pop duo, Oh Wonder? They're infectious, like a disease, and viral, like a cat video. Unfortunately they're not immune to privy fans on the internet and the greater phenomena known as album leaking. Nowadays it seems artists have zero say over their actual release dates and even less control when it comes to selling the release after it's out. This isn't news, but it does highlight a question, what is the right way to release an album in 2017?

Kingdom Leaks

Kingdom Leaks is a website that releases artists' content before the intended release date AKA a piracy website. Whereas before you would have had to steal a copy from your local music store, this digital equivalent feels less criminal.

NOTE: I am in no way commenting on what is right, or what is wrong. Steal, if you can live with it. Pay, if you actually love the music.

Onwards, it seems the platform has gotten it's hands on Oh Wonder's 2017 release, Ultralife. You'll find it amongst pretty much every other album released, and not released yet this year.

Ultralife - Oh Wonder

It's hard to imagine that Oh Wonder, or their record label, Republic Records, are too stoked about the leak. Ultralife, having been released today, despite most of the album having been released in the build up, is not unique in how meaningless its scheduled launch was. Essentially, the internet is ruining the album, which is best summed up by a Reddit user's response to Ultralife's release:

Found the rollout of this album slightly questionable with the fact that basically most of the album was available before release. Held back on oversaturating myself with the tracks so I could actual enjoy the whole thing.

"Bigger Than Love" Lyrics

Unsure about how this article/opinion piece should end, it's only appropriate that we draw wisdom from the words of Oh Wonder themselves. The songs lyrics are quite entertaining when related to piracy, however, solemnly, their words ring so true:

We found love on an empty page
Kill the stars above trying to fight the fade
And now my heart skips heavy underneath the waves
We are done, we are gone

It should be signed, "Sincerely Yours, The Album."

Oh Wonder - High On Humans

Oh Wonder - High On Humans

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