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Niklas Paschburg - Little Orc
Mar 28, 2020
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27 times
Sounds like: Bibio, Four Tet, Apparat
Why do we like this?

A couple of months ago, maybe a little more, I came across the music video for a song. In it, you could see the back of a guy who's sitting in front of a piano, playing it with trippy visuals projected over him. What stood out to me the most was the fact that he was sticking his fingers inside the piano, he was using the strings inside of it to make a sound, and he would continue to do so throughout the whole song. That image intrigued me and got stuck in my head; I felt I had to look him up and so I did.

The song was "Tuur mang Welter,"the artist is Niklas Paschburg.

Born in Hamburg back in 1994, this producer and songwriter has been letting us appreciate his beautiful and often soothing music since 2014 through singles, EPs, and such. His first album, Oceanic, came out in 2018, and it’s a gorgeous and glorious masterpiece, so when he started releasing new singles for his new album, I was über excited."Little Orc" is the second single of Svalbard, the name of the city he moved to compose in, was released February 28th.

"Little Orc" is actually a typo by Niklas because when he was in Svalbard he learned of a bird called Auk, and he wrote a song dedicated to it. However, when producer, Andy Barlow, asked for the name, Niklas texted him back with the mistyped title, and he liked that error enough to let it be the new name of the song.

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