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Nine Inch Nails - God Break Down The Door
Jun 13, 2018
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Trent Reznor never settles for mediocrity, or familiarity. As a producer he is ever-evolving, and he continues to push the boundaries of the industrial genre on “God Break Down The Door,” the first release off of Nine Inch Nail’s new album (or EP, but we won't engage in the controversy here), Bad Witch.

The track is supported by an unlikely trio of horns, guitar feedback, and industrial synthesizers. This combination works well, allowing Reznor to introduce a revitalized sound that maintains the familiar depth and darkness of Nine Inch Nails' previous efforts.

Reznor’s voice is changed yet familiar on “God Break Down The Door.” Whether through decades of screaming at gigs or purposeful experimentation it isn’t clear, but this new vocal sound suits the experimental production on the track. Mature and expansive, “God Break Down the Door” is easily one of Nine Inch Nail's best tracks in years.  


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