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Noah Slee - DGAF (Ft. Shiloh Dynasty)

Noah Slee - DGAF (Ft. Shiloh Dynasty)

Oct 22, 2016

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Why do we like this?

While it's easy to float away with Noah Slee's beautiful production in "DGAF," try to make out the message in Shiloh Dynasty's lyrics. It's disjointed (as samples can be) but within that there's something so potent and familiar; a frustration, a need, a lust for life. That's what I'm getting.

I never considered thinking and feeling to be mutually exclusive, I thought the two happened together quite naturally. With "DGAF," it's tearing me in two and I can physically feel me performing both functions at once. The effect is tantalizing. But let's talk about something that's more tangible, because I know I'm making no sense.

R&B singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Noah Slee is New Zealand born, but based in Berlin. He built this track in the Red Bull Studios with Ben Esser. They pulled a sample from Shiloh Dynasty's Instagram account, backed it with an amazing melody and thought the track sounded so killer they tracked down Dynasty so he could sign off on an official release. But they didn't just go straight to Dynasty, they went through another artist (a Wondercore Island label mate of theirs) who happened to be in the same town as Dynasty and then their two management teams got together via twitter and...

If that doesn't sound like a mess of modern day collaboration...

At any rate, it led to a lush tune that I'm stoked to share. Music is music is music is music. Let it hit you how it should. 


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