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Nujabes - Luv Sic 2 (Ft. Shing02)
Mar 26, 2012
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Why do we like this?
"It's funny how the music put times in perspective. Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it."

Once again now, where do I start? Sometimes I do forget that this is the best hip-hop series floating around on the Web. I mean that from my heart. I guess the beat plus the melody is making me write about Nujabes and Shing02. Break it all down, Shing02's rhymes are like a meteorite hurtling toward your heart.

Shing02's rhymes will heal because I believe in his music. Let's heal...

Nujabes' Luv Sic series is the definition of powerful music. I thought I knew what a love song sounds like but I felt a warmer jewel after listening to Luv Sic again. Shing02 has so much love to give, he speaks it so eloquently - he really means it from his heart - that his authenticity is overwhelming evident in each syllable. The music helps us all carry on in the struggle.

I hope that you're actively listening. You hear those jazz undertones, that scratching? Nujabes beat plus Shing02's melody could help me write a book on how the concept of love makes me feel.

Shing02's lyrics embed themselves deeply in your brain. You'll find yourself tied mentally to the beats. Once played, Luv Sic will force you to feel outside of your shell - spiritually. Shing02's real vibes will bring bliss at no cost. Nujabes will hit your nucleus with his beautiful beats. Appreciate the best of both worlds.

"All formulas equalize under the sun" - luckily Nujabes and Shing02 don't know what formulas mean. These are the Kings of originality, purists in their crafts. All five versions of Luv Sic are heart-warming and tear-worthy at the same time. The beat plus the melody's the recipe! We need Luv Sic.

Combining jazz with melodic rap - always on top of Shing02's anti-gravity flow - there's nothing better. No one can do it like Nujabes. In fact, one dedication track after Nujabes' untimely death by was called "No One Like You." So true. RIP Nujabes.

Hip hop is still mourning the loss of Nujabes. May he rests in peace - his style is responsible for inspiring jazz love in a number of youth the world over. His hardwork was awe-inspiring. His legacy is motivating.

Nujabes lives on through television shows like Samurai Champloo and the omnipresence of his influence in artists like Uyama Hiroto and Zack Austin. Everything's relative when it's all in the family... check out the family at Hydeout Productions.

These tracks will embed a special place within your heart. Throw on your favorite jacket, turn these songs on and you're good to roll. Be sure to check out all 5 versions on YouTube and give a dedication to Nujabes by purchasing part of his discography via his website.

Thanks Shing02.
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