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Nurses - Fever Dreams
Oct 15, 2011
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Following their 2009 psych-pop release, Apple's Acre, Portland-based Nurses is back with another gem titled Dracula via Dead Oceans (released September 19). This strange brew of pop melodies and psychedelic fixations unmistakably transfers with great maturity and esteem from their older tracks. Dracula bursts at the seams with bold, catchy beats, rhythmic grooves and solid basslines; a tracklist made specifically for getting down and dirty.

A visual album at its finest, Dracula includes mixes from Scott Colburn and Julian Martlew; two gents that gave their masterful touches to Arcade Fire's Funeral and Animal Collective's Feels. The whole album exudes a lively, three-dimensional shakedown of vibrant songs that are pleasurable to dance to and visually stimulating to watch (check out the video below).

While Apple's Acre was recorded primarily in Idaho using a Macbook and old-school software, Nurses decided to take it to a cabin on the Oregon coast to record Dracula. The three members, Aaron Chapman, James Mitchell, and John Bowers, set out to develop a comprehensive album that consisted of harmonious collaborations and really evoked the culture they were surrounding themselves in at that time.

The isolation, early winter climate, and overall atmosphere definitely played a key influence in the sound and textures of the album. "Apple's Acre was more rooted in the fantastical, intangible, surreal. After making that record we became way more interested in the more physical aspects of life "“ solid, real things," says Aaron Chapman. "Mainly the human form. Dancing and playing basketball. Beats. How rhythm speaks to the body. Dracula feels like it has more of a physical presence to us."

"Fever Dreams" speaks to this physical presence by offering us a fiery song with attractive rhythms, saying to "ease your head" while it viciously shakes your body with pure dope-ocity. "Trying To Reach You" is a sunny track perfectly outfitted with Ratatat-esque background beats and cheerful melodies.

While listening to this album, it's imperative that you jam the fuck out. This album wasn't made for headphones; it was made for a straight-up sound system to rock your ears off. Check out the video below for some pure pop craziness.

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Nurses "Fever Dreams" from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

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